From the Secretary's Desk 

It will be impossible for me to express my gratitude in words to all the people who have been rendering selfless service towards our organisation "Centre for Mental Hygiene" (CMH). All I can express is my warm and sincere thankfulness to one and all who have been keeping CMH alive for the past 36 years.  It has been a roller coaster ride but we have come along a long way and to have survived 3 decades is no simple feat, hope, patience and perseverance have been the driving force behind it all I cannot miss to mention "Unity" above all for our uninterrupted service towards the society.       

There were deep and dark moments but never or a dull one pale because we believed that it is always dark before the dawn. Our experience through thick and thin has taught us to stand our ground firmly without any prejudices against or amongst the staff in any possible way and that is what I meant when I mentioned "Unity". 

       We are mortal beings and are moulded every step of  our life by the hands of God and we cannot choose when to enter or leave His realm. The void left by the pioneer of our organisation late Shri N. Khogendra  Singh at his demise in the year 1993 can never be filled  again but we can follow his visions unto the face of our death, it is a solemn pledge that we undertake. 

       As human we have our limitations, but providence is there above us to lead towards a better future.


                                                                      Thank you.


Ch Pishakmacha Devi

Ch. Pishakmacha Devi